Victor Sperandeo | President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sperandeo is one of the founding partners of the EAM Partners L.P.

Mr. Sperandeo is a professional trader and money manager with 45+ years' experience on Wall Street trading numerous markets. He has done so both independently and for, among others including George Soros and Leon Cooperman. Mr. Sperandeo is widely regarded as an expert in commodities, particularly in the energy and metals sectors. His market crash prediction during the September 1987 Barron's interview earned him great recognition and highlighted his deep understanding of financial markets.

Mr. Sperandeo was featured in the best-selling, The New Market Wizards: Conversations with America's Top Traders, by Jack D. Schwager and Super Traders: Secrets and Successes of Wall Street's Best and Brightest, by Alan Rubenfeld, has been profiled in Barron's twice (Man of all Markets, on May 2, 1983, and Trader Vic the Ultimate Wall Street Pro, on September 21, 1987), The Wall Street Journal and Stocks & Commodities, and has appeared on CNBC, CNN, Fox and other networks. Mr. Sperandeo has authored two books detailing his philosophy: Trader Vic – Methods of a Wall Street Master and Trader Vic II – Principles of Professional Speculation, in addition to co-authoring, Crashmaker – A Federal Affaire, with Avaro Almeidi, a philosophical novel about Wall Street. His latest release is Trader Vic on Commodities: What's Unknown, Misunderstood, and Too Good to be True.

Mr. Sperandeo was a 2008 inductee into the Trader Hall of Fame by Trader Magazine and has been included on Ziad Adelnour's list of top 100 Wall Streeters.